Welcome from the St. Louis Suzuki

Piano Teachers Association!

About Us

The St. Louis Suzuku Piano Teacherís Association was created to enhance communication and learning among piano teachers following the teachings of Shinichi Suzuki and Haruko Kataoka, and to provide enriching musical opportunities for their students. The group holds friendship recitals, a yearly play-in for students to experience ensemble playing, periodic master classes, monthly teacher meetings for further research and study, and a yearly institute for both teachers and students.

The Suzuki Method

Suzukiís main purpose is to enrich the childís life through music, developing not only technical knowledge and skill in playing the piano, but more importantly, building character and developing an appreciation of beauty through enjoyable musical experiences. Suzuki believes that talent is no accident of birth, but that everyone is born with a high potential, which is either spoiled or developed from the day of birth. A childís ability will be lost as he matures unless it is nurtured in the early stages of development. If good teaching methods are used and an ideal environment is provided, it is possible for every child to demonstrate a high level of accomplishment. This is evident in that all children learn the complex skill of speaking their mother tongue from their parents at an early age. Even though every child learns successfully, each child has his own rate of learning. Suzukiís method of teaching piano is based on those principles.

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