Julina Hokanson

Suzuki Piano Instructor



      Studio located in Chesterfield, Missouri.

      Born Rexburg Idaho

      Attended University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in music education.

      Studied piano at the Morzeteum in Salzburg, Austria.

      Taught private piano at BYU as an undergraduate assistant. 

      Began teaching piano in Idaho in 1965. 

      Began attending Suzuki Association training meetings in 1981 and studied in Idaho, Utah, and Texas.  Several of these Institutes had lessons with Mrs. Kataoka.

      Taught Suzuki Piano in Wyoming for 4 years and has taught Suzuki Piano in St. Louis since 1985. 

      Co-founder and member of the St. Louis Suzuki Piano Teachers Association.

      Teaches ages 3 and up.

      Students participate in workshops, play-in, Federation Festival (if desired), home recitals, and recitals with other Suzuki piano students in the area.

      Member Piano Teachers Round Table.

       Phone: 636-579-0098 E-mail: julinah@gmail.com